Courtney Cherico Hall, the woman behind
Courtney Cherico Hall working at Teas'n You

Copywriter / Content Marketer by day.
Offended Millennial by night. 

Hi I'm Courtney, welcome to my blog! I'm just your average millennial woman trying to make a difference while also making a living. I've lived all around the DC metro area and currently reside in Rockville, Maryland with my husband and two cats. Iā€™m currently expecting our baby boy, due January 2020!

Offended Millennial is more than a lifestyle blog. In between my "basic bitch" posts like apartment tours and purse dumps, you'll find progressive insights on politics, mindfulness, feminism and everything in between.

I hope this blog makes you laugh, keeps you informed, and most importantly, connects you to a community of fellow Offended Millennials passionate about igniting social change.  



 Why "Offended Millennial"? Read this post to learn the inspiration behind my blog name. 

Do you accept guest posts/can you guest post for me? Yes and yes! Let's chat.

What's your comment policy? Here at Offended Millennial, I encourage healthy debate, critical thinking and community-building. Unless your comment is extremely vulgar and disruptive, if you wrote it, I will publish it!

What's your policy on working with brands? I'm extremely selective about the brands I work with and will only partner with companies that are a natural fit for Offended Millennial. The same goes for accepting products, as I only showcase things on my site that I truly love and would normally buy on my own. In the case that something has been given to me, I always include that it's courtesy of that brand (c/o). Unless clearly marked as a "Sponsored" post, I am not compensated by any of the brands featured on the site. Want to work with me? Shoot me an email.

Who designed your gorgeous website? This site's design is all thanks to the extremely talented (and patient) Lori Evelyn.

Will you sell my email address or data? Hell, no! Offended Millennial respects your data privacy.