Blogs, stores, & podcasts that Offended Millennials everywhere CANNOT miss


  • My Life Is Ali: The blog of my bffl snitchforlife, Alison

  • K3dall: Body-positive poet, fine artist, memoirist, and creative / former fellow model united nations dork

  • Simply Sarena: My brave friend Sarena's blog about loss, love and finding herself

  • Beauty and the Beard: A fun couples' blog by my friend Lexie and her man. All about wedding planning, townhouse remodeling, cactus farming, & keto

  • CONTRVSL: A must-read blog about society, politics and millennials

  • Enspired: Where my aunt-in-law discusses top issues and new theories for educators

  • I Wonder...? Where my cousin-in-law explores new possibilities with education and bridging the gap between learning and consciousness

  • More Than the Score: My high school classmate’s beautiful essay on body acceptance and positivity as a post-collegiate athlete

  • Down and Across: A really good book my middle school friend wrote! Check it out!


  • Pack Up + Go My childhood friend started this AMAZING business. Want to get away for a weekend but have no time to plan? Pack Up + Go plans 3-day weekend trips around the United States. All you have to do is tell them your budget and fill out a quick survey!

  • Looming Depression: Fantastically beautiful loomed accessories by husband's cousin's girlfriend, Liz

  • The Smear Campaign: My friend Alyssa's cosmetics company that advocates for healthy and responsible sexual education, awareness and sexual autonomy for women worldwide

  • Lori Evelyn (graphic design:) Extremely talented graphic designer and web developer who made this site!


  • Hey Frase: Hilarious podcast by media personality Sarah Fraser, you probably remember her from The Kane Show!

  • WYLDER: Rhythmic, haunting and lyrically-driven indie-folk with a penchant for strange, foreboding storytelling. I went to college with them! They’re good, promise!

  • All Dogs Go To Hollywood: A hilarious podcast by my friend IO who explores the world of talking dog movies... from the Airbud cinematic universe to the straight to Netflix puppy productions that you've never heard of.

  • The Undesireables: Modern romance gone wrong. A dating podcast from two guys I know who definitely shouldn't have a dating podcast.

  • Are We Friends? Meet Taylor, Brian, and Jorge: three boys from my high school class who have a hilarious podcast covering everything from horror movies to dieting habits.