There's A War Going On For Your Mind (And You're Letting Memes Win)

Fraiser memes: highly under-appreciated.

Fraiser memes: highly under-appreciated.

Shout out to the amazing Flobots for giving us this song, which was, sadly, way before its time.

(And how cool is it that they have a violist? Gives this former orchestra dork some hope that her rock star dreams are still achievable....) 

Anyway, back to the point. Your time matters. Every hour of it. Your mornings. Your work. And especially what you do AFTER your work. 

It's SO easy to just say "I'm tired!" and let the memes win. Let distraction rule. Sit on the couch and wait for another day. 

It's harder to find activities that re-energize you, and then actually DO those activities.

So, here's 5 Simple Steps you can take when the couch is calling and your IG messages are fire. 

1) Don't. Sit. Down. 

Do some laps, sit on the floor, but whatever you do -- don't sit down on the couch just yet! 

2)  Relax Your Body

Do some yoga. Take a bath. Do meditations. Sit on your porch. Take a walk. Something, anything, that reduces your physiological symptoms of exhaustion. 

3) Treat Your Soul

Now that you've calmed your body, it's time to calm your soul. Listen to the song that's been stuck in your head all day. Talk to your friends and family over the phone. Play with your pets. There. That's better. 

4) Gather Your Supplies & Just Do 10 Minutes

This is not a time to check work emails. This is 10 minutes of doing whatever you need to do to get closer to wherever you want to be in your life.

Want to save money? Cancel that Hulu subscription you never use. Want to write a book? Get out your pen & paper (or computer) and get cracking. The key here is that whatever you do is ACTIONABLE. You're not BUYING anything, you're not PLANNING anything, you're just. Doing....(But only for 10 minutes.)

5) Stop Before It Becomes Too Much

Pretty self-explanatory. Before you get too overwhelmed, just stop. Rest. Either take a breather and get back to it, or turn on that show you've been waiting for and fire up your Instagram. Either way, you're now one step closer to accomplishing your goals.

It's not going to go perfectly every night. But the most important thing is that you don't let the memes win.