You Gotta Pay The Troll Toll

I'll let you finish the song lyrics on your own.

I'll let you finish the song lyrics on your own.

Yes, we're extremely late to this bandwagon... but my husband and I have been nothing short of obsessed with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia lately. We're almost through season 5 and I'm impressed at how strong the writing and acting still is. Also, Artemis is my new alter ego (sorry, Princess Caroline!)

I still can't get the epic musical episode out of my head, most notably the (NSFW) Mac and Frank's Troll Toll song. Why? Because in the age of the internet, the theme rings SO FLIPPIN TRUE...

You Gotta Pay The Troll Toll ( get what you want.) 

TROLLS are....NOISE. Haters. Naysayers. Sandy Hook deniers. Flat Earth-ers. GOMI. They're the people in your life who watch and wait for you to fail, under the guise of "helping" you, of "teaching" you, of "proving their point."

So, why TF do you owe them a toll? 

If you have trolls in your life, that's actually a good thing. It means people are paying attention. A lot of people say "Fuck the trolls", but I disagree. We fucked the trolls in the 2016 election and look where it got us. We HAVE to acknowledge their existence, because even though we don't like what they say, they ARE saying it, and their opinion COULD be useful for you. 

Your toll is to listen. To take the feedback that might be helpful. To ignore the feedback that isn't. And then to move on with your life. 

You don't have to 100% appease them, or reply to them, or become obsessed with their every word and outlandish statement. You just have to be aware that they exist, and keep them on your periphery. 

Example: The neo-nazi alt-righter fight against PC culture. Is it outlandish? Yes. Are they offensive to the nth degree in their refusal to comply to general standards of decency and respect for fellow man? Yes. BUT. They have a point. Language and lifestyle is changing very quickly. And people feel like they can't keep up with what's correct. That's a fact. What we DO with that fact, is up to you. But you have to admit, a lot of people feel that way. And just pushing them off as "trolls" will only further divide us.

It's not easy. But I do believe that when you learn to pay the troll toll, Dayman can reign supreme.