"Ink Master: Angels" and the importance of critical mass

Ink Master: Angels. Bitches Get Shit Done! #OM101 Offended Millennial

There were 7 full seasons of Ink Master, hosted by the glory and the wonder that is Dave Navarro, before a woman won.

The female finalists became so popular that they now have their own runoff series, Spike TV's Ink Master: Angels. 

So what was it about Season 8 that caused Ryan Ashley Malarkey to dominate the entire season and ultimately, win?

1) Raw talent. 

2) Season 8 had the most number of women in the pool of contestents. Every other season there had been 3 or fewer. This time, there were 5. 4 of those 5 lasted until the final 6. 

3) Those women formed a CROSS-TEAM strategic alliance to kick off the male weaklings, one by one.

4) Grown men broke down and quit because they couldn't handle the strong female competition. 

5) After 7 seasons, the show (with 3 male judges) was getting flack for not having a female winner yet.

It wasn't that there weren't other talented women who deserved to win in previous seasons. Megan Jean Morris and Sarah Miller in particular, I'm looking at you!

It was the importance of critical mass. 

Do you have the critical mass of supportive people necessary to help make your vision and goals into a reality?