Focus Fun Fridays

We take theme days very seriously in the Hall household.

We take theme days very seriously in the Hall household.

My to do lists are endless.

I have a Master Work To Do, Daily To Do, Personal To Do, and am constantly writing notes on my phone of Things to Do. My best way to remember to do things is to set an alarm on my phone, so I am always surprised with one of those random alarms daily as well. 

Writing things down helps me remember what needs to be done. But what helps me GET the things done, is focus.

Lately, the best way for me to focus is to Theme my days. My days aren't always themed how I want, but it helps me set priorities and remember what's really important.

Why do I like themed days?

-It helps me set my priorities

-It gives me permission to ignore non-important tasks

-It gives me clarity on what to focus on after interruption

-I work better on a single project then jumping around to endless mini projects

Here were some of my themes last week:

CMS portal day --Knock everything related to the CMS portal I manage. 

Microsite day-- Knock out everything related to the microsites I'm trying to stand up at work

Annoying Project day-- You guessed it -- all the little annoying projects that popped up throughout the week.

LinkedIn day -- Prep for a work conference by connecting & researching with all the attendees on LInkedIn.

Coworker day- Connect with all my coworkers about what's on their plate, share with them what's going on with me, "get the scoop" on things. 

Family day  -- Work per usual but when it's 5pm I just let it go and take a back burner in my mind, so I could be present and engage with my husband and kitten.

Rest/recharge day -- (Sundays) -- Clean house, do yoga, take a bath, sleep appx. 14 hours. 

Sometimes I set the theme before I get to work, and it's executed flawlessly. Sometimes the theme reveals itself to me in my emails or conversations with coworkers. 

The thing is, there's always a theme to the day, whether I want to acknowledge it and leverage it or not. 

I'm not superwoman. I can't focus on every single thing at the exact same time. So I might as well maximize my focus on the thing that I feel is Most Important and Most Urgent, then give myself permission to Let The Rest Go.

What theme is revealing itself to you today?