Expectation vs. Reality: Putting My Face On

First World Problems meme: When the patriarchy demands I perform my gender #OM101 offended millennial

Every day, I spend 10-15 minutes putting on makeup in the bathroom while my cat drinks from the faucet.

In the meantime, my husband lies sleeping in bed, or catching up on his daily IG fix.

Fashion is a fun, daring art form I am all about observing.  I freaking love following the latest highlighting/contour trends, wearing high heels, judging other people's eyeliner, and ogling over expensive/amazing red carpet outfits. 

I just freaking hate that participating in fashion is the standard societal expectation for women in corporate America. 

Overall? I treasure our daily ritual. I bond with my kitty, soaked at this point, and laugh as my husband shares funny (and not-so-funny) memes with me through the hallway. 

I just can't help but wonder...what would mornings look like if I didn't have to fix my face?