10 bad habits all working woman need to break, like, yesterday

What a real #GirlBoss looks like... on days without video conferences, that is.

What a real #GirlBoss looks like... on days without video conferences, that is.

If you're a woman in corporate America, here are 10 things you should stop doing! Right now!

Because ending the workplace culture of toxic masculinity begins with YOU!

1. Endlessly repeating yourself

Ain't nobody got time for that. My favorite standbys: "Per my last email"..... "As we discussed".... "You remember we decided....."

2. Unnecessarily defending your actions

Newsflash: You have nothing to be sorry for.

3. Unnecessarily apologizing

One more time for the women in the back: YOU. HAVE. NOTHING. TO. BE. SORRY. FOR.

4. Trying to get people to like you rather than respect you

As my summer camp counselor used to say...  "Respect is a must. Like is a plus."

5. Doing other people's work for them in order to just "get it finished." 

Sometimes? Sure! Gain people's trust, earn brownie points, be a team player, get good karma, etc etc. But EVERY DANG TIME? Aw, hell naw.

6. Being overly critical of your own work

There's no need to point out flaws others may not even notice.

7. Staying silent when witnessing racist and sexist remarks and jokes

This one's tricky, and I struggle with it myself. Any advice appreciated.

8. Worrying about issues that no one else is worrying about

Point them out to the right people, keep it on your "back burner" list, then LET. IT. GO.

9. Feeling guilty

I am a master of feeling guilty, embarrassed, ashamed, offended.... on behalf of others. Who may not even be feeling those feelings themselves! This is a great quality to have, but try not to lose yourself in others. 

10. Putting your own work last

I get it. Email is poppin'! Your i.m. is on fire! Meetings are happening! Coworkers want to chitchat and grab lunch! But if you don't put your own work first, no one else will. 

What do you struggle with as a woman in the workplace?