The Ultimate "Stop Fetishizing Your Own Sadness" Playlist

One day I'll stop making Bojack Horseman memes. Today is not that day.

One day I'll stop making Bojack Horseman memes. Today is not that day.

A week of travel in the desert left me rejuvenated and refreshed on a personal and professional level. 

It also left me tired, sick, and 5 pounds heavier. Yesterday I even skipped my beloved SolidCore class to the tune of $30 because I just wanted to go home, watch my new fave show, Big Mouth,  and shove my face full of Halloween candy. 

I feel my old patterns sneaking back in. Not exercising. Not eating mindfully. Not spending mindfully. Not staying focused on my goals. Not appreciating my blessings.

So this morning, I'm doing a little reset. I slept in a bit late then showered to one of my pump-up jams (Shanghai Noodle Factory by Traffic, of course). 

Oh, the power of music. Here's a list of 5 of my current favorite Pump Up Jams for when I need a reset.

1) By Design by Kid Cudi
The phrase that gets me: 
"Moments don't pass me up, no, no/Cause I seize them in stride/Tell them winnin' never gave me in/When I eternally have faith/And the choices you made, it's all by design/Go with it, mmmm/Come on don't fuck up the fung shui"

2) Blessings (Reprise) by Chance the Rapper
The phrase that gets me: 
"Are you ready for your blessings?/Are you ready for your miracle?"

3) Molasses by Hiatus Kaiyote
The phrase that gets me: 
"You could be a compass/Rare and bountiful/You could be the opposing opinion/Oh, we could be the point of attraction bound to all/We could be the point of letting it go"

4) Comin Out Strong by Future feat The Weeknd
The phrase that gets me: 
"They take my kindness for weakness/Still comin' out strong"

5) Forgive Them Father by Ms. Lauryn Hill
The phrase that gets me:
"Get yours in this capitalistic system/So many caught or got bought you can't list them/How you gonna idolize the missing?/To survive is to stay alive in the face of opposition/Even when they comin', gunnin' I stand position/L's known the mission since conception/Let's free the people from deception/If you looking for the answers then you gotta ask the questions"

Tell me, what are your favorite get-out-of-a-funk songs?  

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