My secret tool for youthful skin

bb courtney (2013) vs old lady courtney (2018).

bb courtney (2013) vs old lady courtney (2018).

Women can't do anything in peace... least of all, age.

I'm 26 years old and am starting to establish a better skincare routine. I'm hoping it will leave me looking young, but not like i'm trying TOO hard to look young, but not like i'm NOT trying hard enough to look young. Simple enough, right? 

Here's how it goes:

Every morning, I wash my face with this Burt's Bees scrub and then put on this Aveeno moisturizer with sunscreen. The moisturizer isn't perfect, but I do like that it has sunscreen inside the product. Then, I put on my face on... or not! and run out the door. 

Every evening, I wash my face with this Trader Joe's oil (or some other hippy one I got from a vendor in Philly). I do a spot treatment with this guy. Then, I moisturize with this facial oil from Twinkle Apothecary.  After I very lightly rub in the oil, it's time to get out my....

Jade gua sha stone!

That's right, gua sha is my secret tool. Here's the youtube video that I've been following nightly for the past 2 weeks since I got the thing off Amazon. 

Gua sha supposedly improves circulation in the face by 400%. I believe it. Doing this nightly has reduced my TMJ, reduced my headaches, defined my jaw line, and brings color to my face. It  reduces the puffiness in your skin, drains your lymphatic system, and most of all, feels heavenly!

While Botox and fillers try to bring back the fullness people lose from aging, Gua Sha attempts to RETAIN your fullness by pumping blood into your face and massaging your face, reducing stress and tightness that causes wrinkles. 

You all know I am woo... but believe me when I say this tool helps me FEEL my face. It helps BRING AWARENESS to my pain points. It helps LOCK IN moisture. And it helps me relax. Not sure if it's the jade, or the facial oil, or the post-shower bliss, but hey, it's what works for me, so I thought I'd pass it along.

Why? Because every choice you make matters.

Every dollar you spend, word you say, path you take. So I want to make mindful choices regarding how I approach aging as a woman in this modern world. Your skin is the BIGGEST ORGAN OF YOUR BODY. It absorbs everything. And I don't want to be absorbing botox, or retinols, or fillers, or the media's bullshit message that every year I age, I become LESS THAN.

I just want it to absorb the healing powers of jade and massage. For now, at least. Ask me again when I'm 50.