Growth Hurts

Just take it from Rick & Morty (start at 2:22):

In brief: Rick, Morty and Summer just finished consolidating 20 fractured simultaneous timelines they were living in back into 1 timeline. Super cool science shit right there.

When they return from their intergalactic journey, they’re greeted by their parents, Beth and Jerry, who just returned from a marriage-strengthening date night featuring Cold Stone Creamery.

Jerry, the resident idiot, proceeds to make fun of Rick, Morty and Summer for the quirky-looking collars they're wearing that helped them travel through time.

“Uh, Lady Gaga, table for 3, am I right? Are you guys Power Rangers, but only on 1 small part of your neck?Clean up in the fruit aisle! Not in a homophobic way, they’re just fruity necklaces! What are these, chokers from the 90s?”

Beth, Rick’s genius daughter, laughs along with her husband.

“It doesn’t feel so good, does it?” Morty asks Rick, as they take Jerry’s ridiculous insults and marvel at Beth’s undying allegiance to mediocrity.

To which Rick replies, “No. it doesn’t. it hurts.”

Growth Is Lonely

Not everyone can follow along in your journey toward enlightenment, no matter how much you want them to. Which makes sense. It’s your journey, after all. But that doesn’t make saying goodbye to those you have to leave behind any easier.

You really think Rick likes leaving his only daughter behind with her dumbass husband?

Growth Is Hard

If it was easy, everyone would do it. But it’s not. People give up. Working on yourself takes just that: work. And not everyone is willing, or able, to put in that work. That’s ok, though. Because you know that everyone does the best they can with the tools they have at the time.

Even if your best means accidentally dropping your time-travelling collar and aimlessly floating through space in hopes that someone wiser will save you. (Hint: they will.)

Growth Takes Courage

It takes courage to say No to the things that do not serve you. It takes courage to stay loyal to your goals when cooler, more fun things are seemingly happening all around you. It takes courage to dream big and take the risks you need to make those dreams a reality.

It takes courage to stick to your guns and keep striving, despite whatever inane insults and obstacles the Powers that Be hurl at you.

But Growth Is Essential

Rick, Morty and Summer had a choice:

They could take off their collars and join in on the family fun of mocking others in order to feed their primal need for acceptance, belonging and respect within their nuclear family.

Or, they could keep their collars on, feel the hurt, then move onto their next adventure. Even if, or perhaps especially if, their next adventure requires dropping Jerry off at an interplanetary daycare first, because he’s too ill-equipped to fully participate in the real deal.

I would rather hurt, and be hurt, while hurling through space, than lie around happy at home, eating Cold Stone Creamery. Wouldn’t you?