Breathe In, Breathe Out...

Goodbye, view into the parking garage. Goodbye, crooked blinds. Goodbye, ugly pillows. Lola, YOU can stay.

Goodbye, view into the parking garage. Goodbye, crooked blinds. Goodbye, ugly pillows. Lola, YOU can stay.

Change is life.

So I am breathing out the old, and breathing in the new. When we move apartments next week, I am leaving behind....

Excess: STUFF, drama, over-eating, self-indulgence, worry. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Uncertainty: Over what the future holds, of whether I'm "enough" of a wife/friend/worker/etc, and uncertainty over the validity of my own emotions, feelings, and thoughts. 

Resentment: Over stupid, trivial things that aren't worth my energy about our current place such as: the sub-par window views, our packages constantly being stolen, the loud neighbors above us, etc. 

When we move, I am bringing with me....

Our New Family: this is our first time moving as a married couple! It is Lola's first move as a rotund, sassy CAT, not kitten. We are also bringing along two new additions to the Hall family: our beta fish, Humbert, and our kitten, Ziggy. 

Home: All of the peace, contentment, happiness, joy, and feelings of belonging we have in our current place. Home is not tired to this place. we will bring our family along with us. 

Attitude of Gratitude: This overpriced, package-stealing apartment complex where I started owning my mental and physical health and honoring my body. This is where we got through planning our wedding, changing jobs, getting out of debt (almost!), and practicing healthy life habits. 

In our new apartment, I am embracing....

Growth: I am so excited to procure new plants and start an herb garden on our balcony. I am welcoming the growth of our cats, our relationship, our finances, and our capacity for loving and practicing generosity towards others. I am welcoming growing new ideas, careers, and passions.

Contentment: In our new home I am focusing on enjoying the present moment, enjoying the peace and tranquility that comes with accepting where we are, in this part of our life's journey.

Community: I want to strengthen and deepen my yoga community and online community of fellow readers and Social Change Agents. I'm also looking forward to getting to know our new neighbors! 

What are you breathing in? What are you breathing out?