Fell Off the Wagon, but I'm Back in the Saddle (a Mixed Metaphor on Being Present)

Sudden Clarity Clarence meme: Goals, like, take work! #OM101 Offended Millennial

What's harder? 

A) Being present

B) Paying the price for NOT being present, later on

Today, for me, it's A) Being present. 

I lasted 12 days into my 30-day yoga challenge. This weekend I fell off the bandwagon. It was a combination of a sinus infection and my period that hit me like a freight train. I was tired, drained, and exhausted. 

So, I took a sick day on Friday. Today, I'm back in the saddle.

But I'm a step behind in work and in a few appointments I failed to follow through with. This makes being present harder. I'm trying to give myself grace.

It's just so easy to disengage. Float though. Simply manage day to day without digging deep.

But life is short and I want to do more than just survive, under the radar. I want to Do Big Things. Changes at work are giving me an opportunity to grow my career path in an exiting way. I don't want to waste this special time in my life on only having fun and being lazy. I want to put in the work so I can achieve my goals. 

So, I have a 7:15pm appointment with my yoga mat tonight. 

How are you managing your 2018 goals?