The One Where Courtney Tries To Maintain Balance

Baby Courtney balanced like a ballerina BOSS!

Baby Courtney balanced like a ballerina BOSS!


So elusive. So mysterious. And yet, so necessary to a calm and peaceful life. 

This week, I am balancing...

My work life vs. my personal life

Being frugal vs. investing in self-care

Being eco-friendly vs. accepting convenience

Cooking healthy meals vs. overtaxing my energy

Being cooperative vs. being "difficult"

Protecting my energy vs. maintaining relationships

Being vulnerable vs. honoring my privacy

Implementing quick wins vs. planning out long-term strategy

Accepting the present vs. dreaming about the future

In short, balance, to me, is summed up as: 

Making impulsive decisions vs. practicing delayed gratification.

Thankfully, it's almost Friday. And as the wise sage Kid Rock once said on a riveting episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives....

"Everything in moderation. Including moderation."

What are you balancing this week?