4 Quick and Dirty "Access Bars" Life Lessons

More Cowbell meme with Christopher Walken: Your Heart Chakra needs more cowbell. #OM101 Offended Millennial

And you thought I was woo before...

Well, my beautiful cousin through-marriage is in the states for a few months. Yesterday I saw her mom for a few hours to help with some business stuff, then my cousin facilitated my first Access Bars session.

I haven't researched Access Bars really at all, but it was a very calming and eye-opening experience that I was so grateful for and definitely recommend to everyone. Here are 5 key take-aways I'd like to share with you:

1) Control Whose Universes You're In

It is REALLY hard for me not to get sucked into other people's universes because I want to help others and be connected with them. And boy, have I been burned before because of this. But it's important to own and be present in my OWN universe first and foremost. From there, I must continue to choose selectively.

2) Your Energy Deserves More Space

...so give it some. (Or maybe your energy is taking up too much space?) Either way, you have the power to take up as much or as little space as you choose. Personally, I've been taking up too little, as if apologizing for being alive. My new goal? Command as much time, space and energy as a mediocre white male at a sports bar.

3) Talk to your Body

Like I've mentioned before, the right side of my body has problems. Cousin made the connection that the right side of the brain is in charge of more artistic, intuitive, feelings, etc. So she asked me to give myself permission to let my left, "logical" side give up less control and make room for my right, emotional side. You know, yin/yang. This idea is very powerful to me... that I can simply ask my body to balance itself. And then, it does!

4) There is Infinite Room for Infinite Choices

This one was a toughy for me. Turns out, there is no "one right path" in life that I should be taking. Every choice you make will lead you on a path to more choices. It's just about trusting your instinct. 

5) Play With Your Fire

I have a reserved, quiet, sensitive side, then I have an aggressive, passionate, fiery side. It's time to learn how to harness that passionate fire and use it more strategically and effectively in my life, instead of just ignoring or suppressing it. (I've got the power! you've got the power! every! body! has! the power!) 

Like anything, Access Bars is as real and as effective as you want it to be. But I definitely noticed a shift in my energy after the class. I mean, BOTH cats sat on my lap at different points throughout the night. So...I'm hooked.