9 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Falling Asleep

Ziggy carves time out for himself EVERY SINGLE DAY… whether he’s met his plant-destroying quota for the day or not.

Ziggy carves time out for himself EVERY SINGLE DAY… whether he’s met his plant-destroying quota for the day or not.

I have a hard time winding down. Maybe you’ve noticed?

In efforts to relax, every night, once my head hits the pillow, as I fall asleep I ask myself these 9 questions. For each question, I give myself a simple YES or NO.

Eventually I want to make a pretty bullet journal and write down my answers each night before tucking in. We’ll get there. But for now, here it is:

1. Did I eat a healthy breakfast?

“Healthy” is purposefully subjective. I know my food manifesto and how I should be eating. So I just determine if I did that to the best of my abilities or not. For me, the ultimate YES is 16 oz celery juice in the AM, followed by a fresh fruit smoothie.

2. Did I eat a healthy lunch?

Again, totally subjective to my mood or resources for the day. My ultimate YES is a fresh vegetable salad with hummus and/or avocado with maybe some pita or cashews.

3. Did I eat a healthy dinner?

Yup…subjective. My ultimate YES is a homecooked meal consisting of a grain, a vegetable, and a lean protein.

4. Did I eat healthy snacks?

Usually I snack 2x a day. But I lump snacks into 1 category. My optimal snacks are nuts, dark chocolate, dried mango/dried fruit, etc.

5. Did I take my supplements?

I take supplements 2x/day. So if I take them 2x/day, then my answer is YES. If I haven’t, I usually get back out of bed to take my PM dose.

6. Did I exercise?

My exercise is usually walk or yoga. Again, I don’t measure the time or the intensity. Just if I did it.

7. Did I do 1 creative thing today?

Did I write a blog post, or even a creative Instagram caption? Did I sing my heart out? Re-pot a plant? Creativity can take a lot of different forms.

8. Did I read a book?

Even if it’s 5 pages (which I am notorious for doing, just ask my husband.) It’s gotta be a physical book, guys. Magazines also count. (Reddit does NOT count!)

9. Did I do a 15-min PM Cleanup?

I’m striving to clean up a little more each night so the weekends aren’t run over with chores, and I can enjoy a clean home during the work week.

Plus! 3 BONUS questions:

How’s my health?
How are my menstrual cycles? How’s my digestion? How’s my mental health? How’s my energy levels? Did I have to take any additional medication today? Etc.

How was my attitude today?
Was I an asshole? Was I a pushover? Was I lazy or willing? WHY? This question can sometimes sting!

Who/what am I grateful for today?
This is my favorite, and most important question. Each time I answer this to myself I feel full of joy and positivity. There is ALWAYS something that I am unexpectedly grateful for.

At the end, I tally up my YESs vs NOs.

I don’t remember a day I’ve gotten 9/9. That’s not even the goal. The goal is just to provide myself a time to reflect, and remind myself that YES, I am putting myself FIRST. YES, I have dreams and I am working toward them. YES, I am listening to you, Body. And YES, I am living my best life, no matter what trivial nonsense might have bothered me that day.

What questions have you been asking yourself lately?