5 ways you secretly benefitted from your shitty childhood

Maury Povich show meme: You THINK it's your fault. Common sense determines, that is a lie. #OM101 #OffendedMillennial

Let's just jump right into it, shall we? 

1) You are highly perceptive

The tone in the room, people's emotions, what's left unsaid -- you are keenly aware of all of those little details that others are happily obvious to. 

2) You are a self-starter

Since you never expected people to teach you how to do anything, you start AND finish tasks all. by. yourself. You're welcome. 

3) You see past people's flaws

You know everyone's got issues. But since you've experienced first-hand the full spectrum of abnormal human behavior, you understand that some people's flaws just aren't as a big of a deal as others make them out to be.

4) You have a sense of humor

Because if you're not laughing, you're crying. Am I right?

5) You're easily impressed

Someone remembers your favorite animal? You're asked your opinion on where to eat? Someone lets you speak without interrupting? GROUNDBREAKING!