When Fear Is Your Motivator

Toy Story meme with Woody and buzz lightyear: "Fear. Fear everywhere." #OM101 #OffendedMillennial

At long last, it seems, the tide is shifting.

Democrats won big in Virginia and New Jersey in yesterday's election! There was also historic victories for women, minority and LGBTQ candidates.

Obama summed it up best - "This is what happens when the people vote"

I am so grateful that poll turnout increased and citizens are becoming more politically engaged at last...

But I do have concerns. Primarily, that the peoples' biggest motivator is FEAR. Fear of Trump's nationalistic, militaristic, white supremacist policies. Fear of being killed in a mass shooting. Fear of the prison industrial complex. Fear of the rise of an international oligarchy due to tax shore havens. Fear, fear fear.  

It's true, fear is the most effective motivator out there.

But when fear is your motivator, you are reactive. You are frantic.  You are stressed, desperate, and not in a position of power. 

What happens when the fear is removed? When Trump is gone, and the racist right's power lessens? Will the democrat's motivation to propel our nation forward toward social justice in harmony, peace, and progressive policies remain? Or will we fall back asleep at the wheel, because "Love Wins"?