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Woke up to my husband sharing the news with me. Another mass shooting. This time, Vegas.

Listened to a reporter almost break down describing the scene at the hospital on the way to work.

Mention the tragedy as a sad Monday greeting.

Then go into my cubicle and begin my day.

...And then what? It's REALLY EASY to just forget about it all and resume to normal. I will, at least: 

1) Stay informed and participate on the national conversation around gun violence, mental illness, and who's really the domestic terrorists that our country should be worried about. 
2) Not own a gun, participate in gun culture, or contribute to the firearms economy.

But that's ALREADY my normal. It's not enough. But I don't know what IS enough. Do you? Does anyone? We know guns are a problem... we know we can't 100% abolish them from this country without a civil war... the question is... what CAN we do? 

Really, only 1 thing: Pass sensible gun control legislation. 

What if the left was as UNITED and DETERMINED to pass progressive legislation as the alt-right was in electing Trump? What would that look like? What would that take? How can you help make that happen? 

...Relatedly, I can't stop watching The Handmaid's Tale.