The Simple Hack I Use To Save Money (And The Planet)

So you want nice stuff.

But you also want to save money. You want to save the planet. But you want to invest in quality purchases. You want to support small businesses. But you don’t have time to shop at stores. You want to order from Amazon. But you worry about factory workers.

As our culture becomes more woke, we also become more confused. How are we supposed to do what’s right for the planet, our wallet, our schedule, AND our fellow human beings all at the same time?

While you can do ANYTHING, you simply can’t do EVERYTHING. And so, after, much trial and error, I’ve put together this j̶a̶n̶k̶y̶ handy flowchart to help myself cut through the noise:

offended millennial buyers journey

Soo….yep! That’s what works for me! But reader, do share…

How do you practice ethical consumerism?