The Rise of the American Princess

Regina George Mean Girls Meme: Stop trying to make princess culture happen. It's not going to happen. #OM101 offended Millennial

Just when we were pushing the message of woman becoming CEOs and business owners, not cheerleaders.

Just when becoming financially independent is the dream for young women, rather than being a trophy wife or Real Housewife...

Just when the Brits began tiring of the Royal family and wondering why all of their tax dollars were supporting this aging oligarchy, anyway....

Just when the 99% were organizing and protesting the massive amount of wealth disparity between the mega-millionaires and the proletarians.

We see the birth of a new American Princess with Great Britain's most devilish prince. 

We'll soon see stories of how "empowering" it is that an American, and woman of color at that, worked hard and became royalty. As if becoming a rich man's wife is really the ultimate goal here. She will have dolls made after her and will be hereby proclaimed the ultimate role model, the ultimate woman, the ultimate wife.

And princess culture will rise once again.