The Official #OffendedMillennial Wishlist for America

Another wish for my list: can we STFU about Regan already??

Another wish for my list: can we STFU about Regan already??

I believe in the power of positive visualization.

It landed me my family's health, my happy marriage, new jobs, a new apartment, our black cat, unexpected money, strong friendships... you name it. 

So, here's what this #OffendedMillennial is positively visualizing for our country: 

- Peace for all

- Health and wellness for all

- Racial, gender, sexual orientation & age equality for all

- Livable wages and retirement with dignity for all

- Nonpartisan, fact-based political information for all

- Equal representation in the house and senate for all

As Bernie says, we can't just be AGAINST guns, AGAINST Trump, AGAINST republicans. We need a progressive vision for what the future CAN be. And in order to achieve success, we need this vision to be as inclusive, peaceful, and positive as possible. 

When I march tomorrow, this is what I will be marching for. 

I started this project with the hopes that, by injecting reality into lifestyle blogging, I can build a platform that ultimately ignites positive social change. I hope you'll join this journey toward making this vision a reality.