No one linked arms.

So...last night's Green Bay game. No one in the stands linked arms. 

Awkward penguin meme: blog and get haters, or stay silent and fume. #OM101 #OffendedMillennial

It reminded me of when I saw Run the Jewels live with my then-fiance, Nick, the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated. Killer Mike took a moment to say: “Look around, this is your community. These are your brothers and sisters in change.” 

Nick looked around. “No one else was looking,” he later told me. I, shamefully, didn’t either. Why? In the moment, I was annoyed by the people around me. They weren't dancing and they were all on their phones. It wasn’t a good crowd. I wasn’t feeling the energy. I just wanted to fawn over RTJ then go home.  What I didn't want was to admit that I was just like any other member of the audience. Therefore I too was responsible for the energy. I too contributed to the vibes.

All people need community.

For many, religion provides them with one. But if you're not religious, the uncomfortable truth is that, the onus is on you to build a community you wish to be a part of. The onus is on you to LOOK AROUND. Did the stadium fans go home last night and reflect upon their experience of being in the stands, unable to link arms with one another? Unable to express the unity their demigods were practically imploring? 

And how about you? Did you look around today?