No. Banerry.

RIP Harambe meme. #NeverForget #OM101 Offended Millennial


Animals, man.

They get me every time.

Whether it's Fiona the Hippo, that octopus who died after her eggs hatched in the "Deep Ocean" episode of Blue Planet, or the legend that is Harambe, something about animals and their raw vulnerability makes me more emotional than most any human situation ever could.

This week, my husband told me the story of Alex the African Grey Parrot. He was incredible, from asking questions such as "what color am I?" to understanding the concept of zero, no bird has shown that level of intelligence before, or since, to scientists.

Alex knew bananas. Alex knew cherries. But when he was shown an apple, he named it, "banerry."

"No, apple." the scientist corrected.

"No," said Alex. "Banerry."

I believe all animals have a soul.

I believe all animals are intelligent beyond our comprehension. Dolphins are at least as smart as humans, we already know. And then there are of course gorillas and other primates. But beyond them. I believe every single animal knows and understands so much more than we could ever give them credit for. 

The problem is, they just can't vocalize that intelligence. And this is why humans continue to destroy their homes, and poach them, and eat them, without their consent. 

OK, Courtney, what's your point? 

Well, I'm not sure I have one yet. I only wanted to share, because stories like Alex's are what really help me continue to be more mindful. 

I aim to be mindful in all aspects of my life, such as:

-what I eat

-what I support financially

-what I support socially

-what I believe personally, and most importantly, 

-how I act.

We are all connected so much more closely than anyone likes to admit.