Last Month In Real News

Because we can't all hide under a a bag of toilet paper.

Because we can't all hide under a a bag of toilet paper.

The news cycle today is so fast, and I am so lazy

...surely you won't mind if I bring everyone back all the way to last week/month's news? It is #ThrowbackThursday, after all!

1. Dominos is the New Government

In the Year of Our Lord 2018, Dominos has taken guerrilla marketing to a whole new level by covering up street potholes (and slapping their logo on the hot pavement, of course.)

The marketer in me loves this combination of corporate social responsibility and disruptive marketing. But the citizen in me can't help but be saddened. Is this really what we've come to?  

2. Fox Gets Disney-Fied

Get ready for Simpsons-land at Disneyworld. The Justice Department approved Disney’s $71 billion purchase of the entertainment assets of 21st Century Fox in June. (Note this does not include Fox News.) Sure, a shareholder is trying to stop this  but something tells me, no dice. This fascinating chart from NPR (pre-acquisitoin) breaks down our harrowing situation-- that is, 6 conglomerates own 90% of all US media.  Free speech my ass.  

3. Seattle Continues to Put The US to Shame

Seattle, also at the forefront of pushing forward resources for the homeless, heroin injection sites, and veganism, will also become the the largest US city to enact a ban on plastic straws in restaurants in 2018. So, while the US continues to pump out plastic like it's our job, at least one of our cities has decided to join more than 60 other countries who have introduced bans & fees to cut single-use plastic waste. 

4. Breast is Everyone but the US

Nothing like leveraging women's bodily autonomy and infant health to strong-arm developing nations, am I right? The USA recently had major opposition to a WHO breastfeeding encouragement/support/resources resolution that was supposed to be an easy win/pass. According to the NYT,  

"The final resolution preserved most of the original wording, though American negotiators did get language removed that called on the W.H.O. to provide technical support to member states seeking to halt “inappropriate promotion of foods for infants and young children.”

Soda, formula, cow's milk, bottled water... is it just me, or is the government SO bought out by corporations that they are doing everything in their power to keep us sick and prevent us from drinking plain old H20 for adults, and breastmilk for the kids?

5. Kylie Jenner is somehow "self-made"

Just like Trump ONLY received a "very, very small loan of 1 million dollars" from his father on which he built his empire, somehow, Jenner is being lauded for being set to become the youngest self-made billionaire in history.  To which I say, sure, Jan.