3 Key Kavanaugh Take-Aways

3 key kavanaugh take-aways

Always one for learning and growing, I thought I’d share 3 of the biggest life lessons the Kavanaugh fiasco has taught me so far:

  1. Decorum is Dead

    If anyone else had behaved like this for any other job interview, they would not have gotten the job. Period. If any other company had behaved like this while conducting a job interview, they would have a serious HR investigation on their hands and the job interview would be halted until further notice. Period. All sense of common decency and decorum are now removed from modern democracy in action.

2. Women Have Cooties

The GOP’s refusal to directly speak to Dr. Ford by hiring Rachel Mitchell, “sex crime prosecutor” as a “translator”, was insulting, dismissive, and sexist. It represents everything that’s wrong with the GOP’s evangelical roots. It perpetuates and SUPPORTS the Biblical idea that older men simply cannot appropriately, directly communicate with a woman who’s not their wife. That old (white) men are simply not strong enough to ignore their instinctual desires to demean and assault women when in the presence of one. That women and men are SO DIFFERENT that men need their own SPECIAL woman to translate this secular slut’s narrative.

3. (Most) Dems Still Don’t Get It

Harris and Booker, THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU. Stop trying to campaign at Dr. Ford’s expense. JFC. On the flip side… Amy Klobuchar, I see you, and I support you. Thank you for doing your job by staying in the room and asking intelligent questions.

What has the Kavenaugh case taught you so far?