7 Reasons Women Fall for DoTerra & Other MLM/Pyramid Schemes

My husband and I are just trying to get the cat out of the bag when it comes to essential oils. Unfortunately, cats really like bags.

My husband and I are just trying to get the cat out of the bag when it comes to essential oils. Unfortunately, cats really like bags.

Not gonna lie: these oils are SO TEMPTING! I want to smell and buy them all! But here are 7 reasons why I wont touch them:

1) The US healthcare system sucks. 
It's based on fixing ailments, not preventing ailments through eating the right foods and healthily managing stress with yoga, exercise, routines and clear communication. Doctors are getting too RX-happy because of kick backs from drug companies... listen, I am not a big pharma conspiracy theorist, but the current healthcare system is broken and one major part of that is the lobbying power drug companies have  and the drug industry needs consumers to stay afloat (so... that's why it's easier to prescribe opioids rather than regular yoga) People have zero resources or education behind HOW to prevent illness. Just RXs.

2) Women catching on that drugs are not a cure-all
They're often (of course not always) just symptom suppressors to a larger underlying emotional, psychological, or physical issue.

3) Everybody feels like shit  
Our current lifestyle promotes popping pills to deal with ailments before GO GO GOING instead of taking a step back and RESTING. 

4)  Jeebus thinks universal healthcare is the devil 
This is just a joint of fact. SO MANY born-again Christians don't want to contribute to the larger pot that's full of POC/poors because....apparently Jesus says no? (what happened to helping the sick? idk guys... don't think Jesus would like y'alls behavior but ANYWAY...).... they just want to take care of there own. And MLMs are the perfect opportunity to take care of your own community and ignoring anyone that's not in your circle of trust (or your Facebook friend.)

5) People want a community.
MLMs like Mary Kay, Avon, DoTerra, YoungLiving, even BitCoin, PROVIDE people with that community that we are all so desperately seeking in this digital age. 

6) Consumerism is fun!
Oils smell delicious! Air diffusers are awesome and playing with scent combinations makes people feel like scientists! (Even though most re-sellers don't believe in science, I guess they still want to feel like chemists.....)

7) Women need better job opportunities
Women (and men) need flexibility in their daily lives to properly run their household, raise their children and also get reliable income. The majority of corporate America and blue-collar industries don't support any work-life flexibility. You're either a stay at home mom or a Cheryl Sandberg. no in-between. They want the benefits of entrepreneurship but don't have the proper business and financial education to start something on their own. 

If not oils.... then what? 

1) daily exercise

2) regular yoga

3) regular meditation

4) acupuncture

5) massage therapy

6) talk therapy 

7) ...an actual doctor. I hear they're pretty smart.