6 Easy Steps Toward Producing 'Zero Waste' in 2018

Trash is for tossers. #OM101 #OffendedMillennial #ZeroWaste

Do you want to be more green in 2018? Then join the zero waste movement!

I'm already sick of the "#NewYearNewMe" memes and articles on my social media feeds. But do you know what makes me even sicker? Reading that references to climate change have just been eliminated from the EPA's website. Most New Year's resolutions such as losing weight, working out more, and making more money are dubious, at best. So, why not change your own resolution from "New Year, New Me" to "New Year, New Planet?"

Global warming is real, and it's rapidly destroying our ecosystem. Feeling helpless is one option. A better one, however, is to gain a modicum of awareness over the effect that your waste output has on our environment. 

That's what the zero waste movement is all about. If you're ready to stop feeling guilty and start feeling proactive, keep reading for six easy steps on how you can start producing less waste in your everyday life......