Isn’t it funny how changing a single aspect of your life tends to start a domino effect?

One after another, everything else suddenly starts to fall perfectly into alignment.

It’s been like that for us since last November. What started as a difficult revelation has turned into an opportunity to reach a completely new level of honesty, clarity, and peace in our lives.

I like to think it’s the Universe reminding us that yes, we’re OK.

We’ve even been getting extra hints and clues assuring us as such:

A happy birthday balloon appeared on our porch the day before Nick’s 29th birthday.

My dear husband came home from work the exact second I finished dinner last night.

Yesterday morning, I randomly found an inspiring old graphic in my files and was looking at it. That afternoon, I saw Killer Mike had instagrammed the exact same graphic.

The new lip balm I thought I lost last Thursday was carefully placed on my desk Monday morning.

I saw a cute heart-shaped silicone ice-cube tray for $2.99 at Goodwill on Monday. I thought to myself, that’s kinda overpriced, but put it in my cart and kept shopping. When it came to ring up purchases, the $2.99 tag was nowhere to be found. The cashier charged me $.99.

The orchid I dubiously kept watering all year has finally begun to bloom.

I see pale pink everywhere. The more I see it, the more it reveals itself to me. I always see pale pink at the exact time I need a confidence boost. It is my power color.

My dear friend gave us a planter that is the exact right size for our new-ish basil plant that was in need of a re-plant.

And so much more I can’t share here.

All I can say is, Thank you, Universe.

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