#TBT: TV’s Top 5 Feminist Glo Ups

offended millennial TBT TV top 5 feminist glo ups.png

These days, the Hall household’s kicking it old school.

No Netflix. No Hulu. No cable. Lately, we’ve been 100% rocking Amazon Prime, Youtube, and whatever fun $1 DVDs we find in our secondhand book store for entertainment. This has mostly been in efforts to save money, but to be honest, I’m not sure we’ll go back. It’s amazing how much more reading, relaxing, and conversation happens around the living room and kitchen once the TV goes away!

…but we’re still millennials.

Which means we still love the 30 min - 1 hr of TV cuddle time that lies post-dinner, pre-workout. So, we’ve been watching whatever we happen to find that’s F-R-E-E. Which turns out, is a ton of cool “older” stuff like: Married With Children, Glee, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Sex & The City.

Here are 5 women from #TBT TV whose glo ups, I’ve found, are severely underappreciated, considering they happened prior to today’s #MeToo Movement:

1.Luanne from King of the Hill

Luanne’s life has not been easy. Her trailer tipped sideways, her momma went to jail, she had to move in with her Aunt Peggy and Uncle Hank, she got caught in a terrible fire from which her boyfriend dies….

But still, she soldiers on. We see Luanne struggle with grief, anger and spirituality. We see her inner monologues blossom into art (puppet art, that is.) She also dabbles in communism and feminism. She grows all while under the guidance of Peggy, her strong female mentor.

2. Sarah from Jeopardy!

As we’ve been watching, Alec has been hinting that this all-star season is really a secret search for a replacement host.

“That’s too bad,” I told my loving husband. “I thought Ale'c’s replacement would be Sarah.”

To which he said, “Sarah, who?”

Only the Sarah that’s been on the Clue Crew who appears on at least 2 clues per round, of course!

“What’s her last name?” Asked Nick. Of course, I didn’t know.

So, here’s to you, Sarah, Whitcomb Foss. Thanks for representing. We see you.

3. Tyra from America’s Next Top Model

ANTM is Tyra’s very own show. On her own production company, Bankable Productions. She regularly has one-on-one chats with her fledgelings where she shares how her struggles helped her grow. We see her talk through rough elimination decisions with her mother. She invites her contestants to dinner with her family. She introduces them to prominent industry figures and personal mentors. She celebrates the LGBTQ diversity that is Mr. & Miss Jay.

Tyra roots for the women who GROW the most, not who are JUST the most beautiful.

After 14 (!) successful seasons, Tyra ALSO has a talk show, hosted on America’s Got Talent, and of course also has a career as a super model under her belt. Is there anything this woman can’t do??

4. Mel from Flight of the Conchords

Mel is the only consistent female in the band’s life. Her husband chauffeurs her to all of Bret & Jermaine’s shows. He hides in the basement while she makes them dinner. He drives the gang around with love.

She is their #1 fan. She is a professor of psychology. Mel is a stalker, yes, but a treasure, nonetheless. When the band loses her form their fan list, they have no one. Thank you, Mel, for believing in the duo when no one else did (besides Murray, of course.)

5. Phyllis from The Office

Every office has a Phyllis. That is, a hardworking, quiet, older woman that just. gets. shit. done. Can we just take a second to acknowledge how much emotional labor Phyllis manages for Michael throughout the duration of this show? Michael is nothing without Phyllis. Despite his jokes about her heavyset frame, she is constantly putting Michael in his place, reminding him what a dork he was in high school.

And let’s not forget, Phyllis is the first in the office to get married. She works all her assets to gain sales. AND she’s the head of the female-only Party Planning committee!

Who’s a #TBT TV Female Whose Glo Up YOU want to recognize?