Offended Millennial and Other Put-Downs

New York from Flavor of Love Meme: MRW Boomers Hate On Millennials #OM101 Offended Millennial

Next time you want to call every millennial offended, sensitive, special snowflake, etc, remember: the minute you start insulting someone, you have invalidated any real semblance of an argument you had. 

I know, I know. Donald Trump does it, so why can't I? He "tells it like it is," after all. Donald Trump is also a serial sexual predator, so... I'm not so sure why you want to use him as a role model for your behavior.

I'm going to own the term Offended Millennial from now on. Because if I own it, the power is taken away. 

Yes, I am an Offended Millennial. And guess what? Despite you calling me that.... 

  • My opinions are still valid and fact-based 

  • I'm young and I'm hungry

  • The internet gives us both an equal platform and voice, so  I'm not going anywhere 

Here's some more put-downs I've received in my life that I am going to spin to suit me. I have a feeling I'm not the only woman whose been told..... 

  • You act like you have something to prove. Yes, I do. I'm proving to myself how successful I can be.

  • You're very intense/intimidating. Yes, I have a lot of strong energy that I am able to channel into my personal and professional goals.

  • You're sensitive/dramatic. Sometimes I get offended, hurt, and mad. But emotions are a part of life, they're never a detriment.

This isn't to say that I don't understand how to receive and incorporate feedback. But it's just that: feedback. For me to take or throw away as I please, according to my own belief system. The #1 person I aim to please is myself. Because you know what RuPaul says...