5 Ways I'm Making This Move My Bitch

Shot from the move. Kept the bat and the mirror, ditched the sexy hat and rug.

Shot from the move. Kept the bat and the mirror, ditched the sexy hat and rug.

When we first moved into our NW DC apartment in 2014, we did what any dumb young couple does...

Go to IKEA and buy about a grand worth of useless furniture that fell apart in no time.

Desk with rickety drawers, chairs that were held up with superglue... we even had futon. #cliche

When it was time to say goodbye to roomie and move on our own to Silver Spring in 2015, it was a blur... a caravan of schlepping black garbage bags from one place to another. I never did a "purge" of my stuff before moving.

Why? I didn't really feel like I OWNED the project. Life was "happening" to me...I wasn't making life happen. 

In 2016, we moved once again from Silver Spring to Rockville. We did ditch a lot of stuff, and also EVEN had moving boxes! Wow! Much progress, but still. It was Too. Much. Stuff. And not enough time off. Moving was followed by an inevitable emotional breakdown.

NEVER AGAIN do I want moving to be so stressful! So, now that it's time for Move #4 in a few weeks, we're trying to move SMARTER than ever.

Here are 5 ways we're make this move our bitch: 

1. Thrift 

Quality old stuff is already out there... so why buy new particle wood from IKEA when you can buy old REAL wood for cheaper, and more eco-friendly? My dear friend Alison thrifted a quality wood, mid-century modern desk for us. This helped us ditch our ugly standing desk that didn't have any drawers and was never actually used. We've also thrifted a mail organizer, scale and patio chairs. The key is to be patient, and search regularly. 

2. Donate

We've donated a lot so far, like an extra set of plates, mugs and silverware, cast iron pot, cast iron pan, extra set of mixing bowls, picture frames... whatever we hadn't used since moving last year (I'm looking at you, manual can opener....) 

3. Ditch

I took a weekend to go through all the problem areas in our home: under the sinks, the junk drawer, the night stands, and the linen closet. About 3 bags of crap was thrown out right there. 

Also, YES! I went though the big box of childhood crap! It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, and of course I kept things that were most precious... but otherwise, GOODBYE! It feels good to live in the present.

4. Re-gift

One friend got a yoga block, some coloring books and oil pastels I never used. My other friend got my weighted hula hoop. Some more girlfriends got books. We gave our floor lamp to The Garbage Room that our apartment floor uses as a free market. 

5. Use Up

I'm burning through my candle stash. I made chicken parmesan with pantry ingredients that were sitting there forever. I'm using up a blow-dry hair lotion even though it's not my *absolute* favorite. This is a good exercise in humility. 

6. Sell

My husband is going to sell our old cell phones on ye old Craigslist to make some extra dough. (But we are keeping 1 for emergency backup #DoomsdayPreppers)

7. Delay

There's so much stuff we want for our new place! But we're delaying buying it right away. Like Dave Ramsey says... "children make impulse decisions, adults practice delayed gratification."

Here's some stuff we definitely WANT for our new place, and are keeping an eye out for. But this time I'm only settling for QUALITY, AFFORDABLE pieces. I'm scouring NextDoor, Craigslist, Goodwill, Facebook marketplace, & Marshalls for.... 

- Chair and ottoman 

- Coffee table

- Matching nightstands

- hangers

- New plants

- New desk chair

-One of those big exercise balls fit people use as desk chairs

- A nice cheese grater 

- Placemats

There you have it. It's not perfect, but it's working for us. How do YOU move without losing your mind (or killing our planet?)