Why "Making It" Makes Me Ecstatic

The last item I made was this Bob Ross painting in 2015. Do you like to get crafty?

The last item I made was this Bob Ross painting in 2015. Do you like to get crafty?

If you like Great British Bake Off, then you'll love Making It, a new competition show on NBC with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman.


There's Zero Catering to the Male Gaze.

It's incredibly refreshing to see Amy wearing a button down shirts and overalls on a late night reality show. I'm no prude, but sometimes, it's just nice to see an adult show with the lens primarily focused on the subject matter at hand, rather than the female presenters' outfit du jour. (I'm looking at you, America's Got Talent.) 

Besides the fabulous judges of the Great British Bake Off, I can't think of a single other prime time reality show that presents women in a more genuine, realistic manner. Can you?

There's nothing wrong with being sexy and while you build stuff and get crafty. You do you, boo! But I think it's really important to recognize and appreciate the badass feminist statement Amy Poehler is making here through her outfit choices. She's dressing like I would dress if I were actually making things, too! Enough fabric up top to hide my sweaty sports bra. Closed toed shoes. Apron. It shouldn't shock and surprise and thrill me, but it does. It's the little things, ya'll. 

It's 2018 and we're making progress. With real women like Amy Poehler, at least. When it comes to scripted stars like Wonder Woman... well, if I were fighting crime, I might want more pockets. And maybe a hair tie. Ya know?

We'll get there. Thank you, Amy, for bringing us one step closer.