Life Lately: Summer Edition

Contemplating Veganism

captive dolphin thinking to himself: everyone's gone home...when can i go home? #om101 #offendedmillennial

I know. I know. Please don't hate me. But it's really been on my heart lately...I I drink coffee with dairy creamer. This cartoon on reddit made me cry at my desk last week. (Nope, PMS hormones mixed with work stress had NOTHING to do with it. And don't worry. I was alone in the office.) So far, I'm still in the consideration phase. But let's just say, I'm very heavily considering it. 

Back on the 'Booch

Brew Dr. Kombucha in Superberry flavor #Om101 offended millennial

I'm addicted to kombucha, which is basically a fizzy tea juice. Half the fun is when my husband comes home from his weekly shopping trips (#blessed) and I get to rummage through what he found. There's SO MANY flavors, companies, and styles to choose from. I love it because it helps me only drink 2 coffees at work, rather than 3. I also love it because it's a great way to get probiotics without the dairy and yummy fermentation/vinegar benefits without me having to make SCOBYs or any of that stuff. 

Nick Got Inked

Nick's new Bladerunner tattoo expansion! #OM101 offended millennial

My husband got his tattoo further built out! There is still 1 session left to fill out the rest of the owl/go slightly below it. It's absolutely stunning, we love Stone the Crow tattoo!

Humbert Got Tricked Out

Humbert Humbert's new aquarium set up #om101 offended millennial

Don't you love Humbert's new digs! HumHum got 2 LIVE plants added into his tank along with some new decor, as the old stuff was algae-ridden. The live plants keep the water way clearer. We also moved his tank to a spot with more light. He has been a LOT happier since the additions, and so have we! Aquariums/aquascaping is a great hobby to share as a couple. Next we're looking at adding in a snail or a sucker fish. Once Hum dies (morbid but true) we want to get a bigger tank, different fish, and eventually, turtles! 

New Frames, Who Dis?

life lately summer edition

In case you were wondering whether or not I'm a hipster.... 

And, that's about it! How's your summer going?