Just When I Thought I Was Done Sparking Joy...

How I look after cleaning out an entire apartment full of crap (Lola helped, too.)

How I look after cleaning out an entire apartment full of crap (Lola helped, too.)

Approximately 2.5 seconds after I completely Konmari'ed the shit out of our apartment, my mother comes over for a birthday brunch

Along with her came a gigantic cardboard box full of all of my school papers she kept, kindergarten through high school. She also brought an accordion folder of my vast childhood medical records (yay for ulcerative colitis!)

I knew there was trouble when she asked if my husband could meet her by the car because she "needed his muscles."

The box now sits in our closet, on top of my neatly lined up shoes that I can no longer see. It's in plain sight every time I get dressed or want to say hi to our cat. (She has a thing for cardboard boxes. Needless to say she was in hog heaven when our wedding registry gifts rolled in last year. I believe the height of her box kingdom included 7 boxes she would jump between, avoiding the floor like lava.) 

I opened the box briefly after she left. Pored through the papers, memories flooding back. Not all great. I told my husband I wanted him to immediately dump the whole box in the dumpster but he told me to give it some time.

It's been 2 weeks.

My instinct still says, throw it out and don't look back.

But my heart says, you need to take the time to go over document by document, relive your entire childhood, snap a few photos of cute things, then throw it out.

I'm just afraid I'll never muster the emotional or mental energy to do this exercise and the box will sit in my closet forever. 

Would it be the worst thing? No. But every day, it bothers me. And we have a small apartment. There's no place I could hide it where I wouldn't see it often.

The day will come...just not yet. 

Moms, am I right?