Here we go.

Tina Belcher meme: I am a smart, strong, sensual woman. #OM101 Offended Millennial

Rule #1 of being famous on the internet: Pick your primary platform.

For me, blogging was the natural choice. I am addicted to reading blogs of women who come from all walks of life -- quiverfullHLBDIY/Decorating... The list goes on. My blog roll game is strong. I love peeking into other people's lives.

But here's how I want my blog to be different: 

-I am not an expert in healthy living, minimalism, marketing.... anything, really. so I'm not going to posture myself as one 

-I am not a mindless consumer, so I'm not going to participate in random sponsorships to get free crap for the sake of having free crap

-I am not into excessively sharing about my personal life

-I am NOT a lifestyle brand. Not a fashionista, marathon runner, DIY/crafter, mommy blogger, etc etc etc. If you knew me in real life you would laugh at the idea. (As I type this I'm wearing leggings from Marshall's, my husband's socks, a sweatshirt from my college, and headphones my ex boyfriend gave me when I was 20. #MuchGoals)

So...what is my blog about? 

There are already a ton of women bloggers. The market is oversaturated. But the reality is that I don't see any bloggers that represent ME: working professional, interested in participating in current events conversations, likes to live healthily but not fastidious about to change that, I am just going to blog every morning for 15 minutes and see what's on my mind, then publish. keeping in mind that bad art happens to good people :) 

I want to inject reality into lifestyle blogging. I'm just trying to break the mold, and blog as a real woman, with real issues, and real thoughts.

Let's see where this ends up. 

Also, continuing the conversation from yesterday: Turns out Gloria Steinem DIDN'T say it, but the quote about guns being treated like abortions still rings very very true.