How This Atheist Is Preparing for Easter

ETA: The Ham was worth it, y'all.

ETA: The Ham was worth it, y'all.

Easter is coming! Easter is coming!

This year, I'm hosting my family of 7. 

Although we're nonreligious, Easter is a great excuse to get everyone together, have some fun and show off the new apartment. (I was raised Catholic, and N is a dirty, dirty Protestant.)

Since it's NEXT WEEK and I have a bachelorette party on Saturday, here's my Easter brain dump: 



-Paula Deen Deviled Eggs

-GOOD cheese (2 types) and crackers 

-Maybe crudites w/ dip?

-MIL spinach balls


-Honeybaked Ham (8 lb bone-in)

-Mac & cheese (MIL's recipe is amaze)

-Garlic mashed potatoes (Paula-deen inspired/ the only way I roll)

-Green bean dish (my mom will bring)

-Rolls (my mom will bring)

-Side salad (my MIL will bring) 

?? (sister brings)

-red wine (sister brings)

-white wine (sister brings)

-more wine as a backup just in case


-coffee & creamer



-Friday: make a list & buy all the food & command hooks

-Saturday morning: Pick up the ham & prep the food


-Clean the house top to bottom

-Clean the kitchen closet 

-Figure out the seating situation (small table & lack of chairs... we will get creative)

-Buy 2 baskets from goodwill for entryway shoes & slippers

-Buy some clean slippers (I am attempting to go the no-shoe-route, this might not happen) 

-Buy plants (wishful thinking)

-Hang the bedroom curtains

-Hang the picture in the bedroom (w/ those command hooks)

-Cut Lola's nails

The last time I hosted Easter, it was myself, my sister and my then-boyfriend in our basement apartment in DC. First, I cried after going to 3 stores in search of rhubarb that I never found. Then, we ate lukewarm ham because I didn't know how to heat it properly. 

Hey, we can only go up from here! *sign of the the cross*