Around The House: Fall 2018

It’s been a hot minute since I gave you all a tour of our frugal, minimalist apartment, hasn’t it?!

Time sure does fly when you’re constantly either working, sleeping, or watching Big Mouth Season 2 (I… have mixed feelings on it so far, guys. Just being honest. Post to come.)

However! We are hosting Thanksgiving this year for a total of 8 people (maybe a few more), and Nick and I are using this as an excuse to spruce up the place.

Here’s a recap of what we’ve done so far, and what we still need to do before the Big Day:


around the house fall 2018 offended millennial entryway

Holy Amazon boxes, Batman! I Craigslist-ed this bench for $40 so people can have a place to sit down and take their shoes off. (Originally it was on Wayfair for $80!) I also bought this not-so-subtle sign because I hate vacuuming, thankyouverymuch. Oh, and we got a cute homemade wreath for our front door to make our unit look friendly in case we get any trick-or-treaters! I am SOOO not crafty enough to make my own wreath, guys.

New Gaming Cabinet

Hooray, no more stepping on pointy models and paint brushes! Seriously, Nick is an avid Warhammer / 40K gamer and he definitely deserves this cabinet to organize everything after years of shoving his hobby supplies into random Ster-a-lite drawers. We bought this secondhand via NextDoor for $70 (original ask: $100.) Next we want to replace that weird rope with something a little more polished.

Kitchen Mini-Makeover

offended millennial around thehouse fall 2018 kitchen curtains

I bought us these cute AF homemade curtains from this shop on Etsy. The yellow and blue match our yellow bakeware and blue tea kettle & salt crock and I think gives the room a nice vintage-y vibe. We also re-arranged the kitchen table to leave more room between the table and our new…

Laundry Nook

around the house fall 2018 offended millennial laundry nook

We bought a hamper, moved an old Ikea side-table there, and installed a new dryer rack. We still want to install these curtains from Target to separate the laundry area from the eating area… once they arrive in the mail!

The Bathroom

offended millennial around the house fall 2018 bathroom

I got some Laura Ashley bath mats from Marshall’s a few months back, and recently replaced our gross toilet brush with this new oil rubbed bronze one that matches the hooks for our shower curtains.

The Porch

offended millennial around the house fall 2018 porch

Not sure I ever gave an original tour... but we used to have some shaky Goodwill deck chairs on the porch and a random clearance target patio table. Well, we found THESE wicker bad boys next to our apartment’s dumpster a few months ago. (Apologies for only having this photo where bae caught me slippin.) After a nice wipe-down and buying some on-sale cushions from Target, these chairs are sooo comfy and make a great place to relax in the evenings! Here’s another photo that might do more justice:

around the house fall 2018 offended millennial porch 2

Future Plans…

Even with the thrifting and the sales, home makeovers sure are expensive! Once we save a bit more money, we have plans to buy a NEW SECTIONAL and a big round coffee table that will balance out all of the squares. Then we can ditch the current coffee table and right-hand side table. Finally, we’ll move the left-hand side table next to the entryway bench for a place to put bags and such.

I also have a lot of mini-projects to tackle, such as ….

  • De-pot dead plants, replace with living plants

  • Add a cool mid-century looking round mirror for the entryway wall

  • Place a work order for some broken closet doors

  • Frame & hang a few pictures we got in Seattle

  • Hire professional house cleaners to give a good scrub-down before the big day.

And that’s it! Well, I will need to learn how to cook a turkey… uhh… any tips???