The 7 stages of new pet ownership

Staking claims on the HOTTEST spot in the house.

Staking claims on the HOTTEST spot in the house.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I adopted our second cat from a wonderful organization, the Montgomery County Humane Society.

He's a 6 month old all black cat named Ziggy. He joins his older sister, Lola, a 2 year old we adopted in 2015. 

Here's the roller coaster of emotions we've been dealing with in the Hall Household the 10 days since bringing him home: 

1) Elation

Oh my god oh my god oh my god HE'S SO CUTE! And he's OURS! And he's SO TINY and PERFECT and PRECIOUS! Those mews! Those paws! That big swooshy tail! *swoon*

2) Guilt

A house divided cannot stand. Lola's hiding under the bed and Ziggy's hiding under the couch. Will either of the cats ever be happy again? And how the hell is the fish doing, did we even remember to feed him today? 

His mews through the door at night are too much to take, so naturally, I choose to sleep on the couch with the kitten. Will our marriage survive the betrayal? My Mommy guilt begins to subside in favor of Bad Wife guilt. Luckily, my husband lets me lie to him when I assure him that yes, he is still the number one man in my heart, and no, the fish and cats totally, definitely do NOT take priority over him. Ever.

3) Worry

Oh my god, Lola's still pissed. And Ziggy pooped in the plant. Again. But I thought he was litter trained? Better shuttle him to the litter box every 2 hours on the nose and wrap the entire plant in aluminum foil. (Spoiler alert: it worked!) 

4) Exhaustion

They're finally integrated, and now it's a constant game of chase. Many nose boops, hisses, couch scratches, zoomies and sneak attacks commence. We marvel at their energy as we watch The Great British Bake-Off on the couch in a daze. 

5) Annoyance

Yay, the pet adoption fee was waived! Boo, worms and respiratory infections! Ziggy needs daily eye drops, one antibiotic steroid, a new vet visit, and a roundworm treatment. Add in the new litter box and special kitten food, and our new bundle of joy has cost us $200. So much for a frugal Christmas. Luckily, he's a happy little trooper despite the drama. 

6) Tepid Optimism

We keep surviving each day, somehow. Are we settling into a new normal? Perhaps. Yeah we could get used to this....

7) Sheer Terror

How the hell are we ever going to handle getting a dog, let alone have CHILDREN??? I shudder at the thought.