On Celery Juice and Trusting my Gut

on celery juice and trusting my gut

About 3 months ago, after being on prescription medication for my ulcerative colitis in some form or another since the age of 4, and being on anti-anxiety stuff in some form for about 4 years, I stopped taking all medication, with the full support of my GI.

I want to heal this disease (DIS-ease) naturally. I want to give my body a chance and see what it is capable of doing on its own now that it is grown and healthy.

After reading the medical medium and exploring alternative medicine for awhile now, I am just not convinced that colitis is an incurable autoimmune disorder, and I’m not convinced that my mental health is unrelated to my gut. In fact, I AM convinced that this is a DIS-ease in my body that can be fully healed through diet, exercise, and lifestyle change.

So, I’ve been doing my best to following the Medical Medium protocol I’ve mentioned here and there. Basically, I follow it from morning until dinner: celery juice, green tea (no more coffee), fresh fruit smoothies, supplements, coconut water, dairy-free salads for lunch….it’s all roses.

Dinner time is where I go MM “light” and incorporate cheese, eggs, grains, meats, tofu, and the like. Ideal? No. But it’s the best I can do for now. I have been purposefully making this a slow, mindful transition. I try to make it all as fresh as possible…. but let’s be real, that doesn’t always happen. The more we mealplan, the easier that is for us to do. But life gets in the way. So yes, we are working on getting past an over-reliance on frozen foods and takeout. We are MUCH better than we were, say, 2 years ago, but even 2 frozen meals a week and 1 delivery on the weekends really affects my system in a way I’ve never fully connected before.

Which brings me to the results…

Some are fantastic — like the celery juice. I am not a big drinker by any means, but since starting on the juice, I’ve had a handful of outings that would usually result in a really nasty hangover. Migraine-all-day hangover. But…NADA! My hangovers are GONE. Thanks, mineralized salts! I definitely, definitely love this benefit :)

Another great benefit is that I feel much more even-keeled through the day. There aren’t as many dips and spikes in emotions or energy levels. This is probably because I’ve stopped drinking coffee. Sure, I get tired, but then I just…. rest. Turns out, I’m one of those people who is totally hyper enough to pretty much fully function without caffeine. Who knew? Not me. I’d been on the stuff since I was 14!

There are a lot more benefits I’ve noticed. My jaw has literally unlocked itself and my TMJ is waaaay reduced. I have more energy. I’m learning and loving to cook with new foods. Really though, the best benefit has been the peace of mind that I am doing my best and healing my body. That I am putting my health and happiness FIRST. NO, I will not rush all around to start my day before I have my celery juice. YES, I will work from home if I’m feeling inflamed. YES, I will drop everything and do yoga because I need the mental break. It’s super fucking freeing and I highly suggest you try it!

Of course, there ARE drawbacks.

I’ve gained weight. It’s technically a good sign — if I were rapidly dropping weight, that would mean that my colitis is active and my body isn’t absorbing nutrients. So I’m weirdly grateful, but also SUPER eager to drop these 10 pounds. I’m running out of jeans that fit, y’all.

I get inflamed. If I overwork myself, or eat shitty foods, my body literally swells. I get really, really tired and foggy. It’s hard to move. I need to sleep and do yoga until it calms down. I’m used to Go Go Go GO GO until I collapse without warning. Now, my body gives me warning signs. And I follow them. Which means I can’t always do everything I think I can do, and some people just don’t like that.

Which is probably the biggest drawback. It’s really hard to respect my body when society just plain doesn’t.

I get tired more easily and I need rest. Hard to rest when I have 5 meetings a day.

I have a strict diet that I just need to follow. So I can basically only eat out at Chopt.

I’ve used most of my vacation days for sick days, leaving my next REAL break as Christmas.

But it’s worth it.

Being healthy requires a re-commitment to health EVERY SINGLE DAY. But it’s worth it. It’s always worth it. And I hope to give you an even better update 3 months from now!

How well are you honoring your body lately?