9 Self Care Tips To Prevent Total Burnout

top self care tips to prevent total burnout

According to Mental Health America, nearly 1 in 5 adult Americans suffer from mental illness.

That’s over 40 million Americans, people! While it can't solve every issue, mental health can be improved with some simple, overlooked measures of self-care. Here’s how:

First, Learn Your Risk

Too much stress is no bueno for your body. Ask yourself:

●      Do I sleep fewer than seven hours a night? Do I wake up tired or seemingly always have a restless night?

●      Am I on-the-go from breakfast until bedtime, with no time for breaks?

●      Do I experience stress or anxiety on a daily basis?

●      Do I feel you have to say “yes” every time someone makes a demand or request of me?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, your stress levels may be putting your mental health in peril. It’s time to make self-care a necessity!

Next, Learn Some Self Care Techniques

Most people put themselves last and believe they don’t have time for self-care. They consider it “indulgent,” but it is a necessary part of physical, mental and emotional health. You need to make it a priority in your week.

  1. Schedule time for short or longer periods of relaxation just like you schedule work, chores, and duties. I know for me personally…if it’s not in the schedule, it won’t happen!

  2. Improve your sleep quality. You should be sleeping about seven hours a night, but if you’re not there, try increasing your sleep time a little more each week. How? Try staying off electronics an hour or two before bed as this can keep you up later. If you struggle with insomnia and these natural remedies aren’t helping after a few weeks of regular practice, talk to your doctor.

  3. Sit down and savor your meals. Eating slowly, in a comfortable position, will help you digest properly, not to mention unwind. If you discover that you’re having trouble preparing healthy meals, consider signing up for a meal delivery service, which can help you learn portion control with the convenience of having fresh food delivered to your home! When Nick and I did a meal delivery service for a few months in 2017, it was an excellent way to re-set our portion controls, learn new meal ideas, and eat more at the TABLE, not the TV!

  4. Relaxation doesn’t have to mean couch time. Instead, find relaxing activities that serve two purposes. For example, every Sunday I clean my kitchen and sort my laundry as I catch up on my favorite podcasts. Two birds, one stone!

  5. Expressing gratitude reduces negative emotions. Bustle (and your mom!) suggests regularaly writing thank you notes.

  6. Find stress-management techniques that help you calm yourself throughout the day. Playing inspirational music is one of my favorite things to do. 

Bonus Tips for Offended Millennials In Recovery

Self-care especially has enormous benefits for those in recovery for anything from substance abuse to eating disorders. If you’re you might want to try out additional habits, such as….

7.  Pick up a new hobby that you find relaxing, like gardening, coloring, or caring for a pet. That will also help you avoid boredom, which is a REAL “road to addiction,” according to Psychology Today.

8.      Try meditation to help combat cravings, relapse and intense emotions.

9.    Yoga is a healthy exercise that also teaches relaxation techniques.

Act Like You Love Yourself

The most important way to care for yourself is to cultivate the ability to SAY “NO!”. We believe we need to please everyone in our lives. Instead, we must prioritize which duties are most important and bow out of some activities that can be left to others.  

How are YOU approaching self care in 2019?

Thank you to Brad Krause, writer/owner of Self Caring, for authoring this blog post, which is Offended Millennial’s first official guest post! After spending far too long neglecting his own self-care, Brad became a full-time life coach and launched his amazingly helpful website that’s full of resources and encouragement for those looking to love themselves just a little bit more. Check it out!