The Problem With SEO

The Problem With SEO

HIFW I'm tryin to establish myself as a thought leader while simultaneously deconstructing the idea of thought leadership

Marketing 101: 

Be a Thought Leader! Be a Subject Matter Expert! Be the resource for your special niche. Stuff as many applicable keywords into your content as possible and pray to the Gods of Google that you'll become viral. Rinse & repeat. 

Being a Decent Human Being 101: 

Don't act like you know everything. Don't be afraid to switch paths. Fail forward. Constantly learn, and grow, and expand your interests, hobbies, talents, career, everything, always.

When it comes to SEO and blogging, it's all about finding the right balance.

Are you driving your own content and blog's vision? Or are you letting your content's performance metrics drive YOU? 

It's easy to say, don't be afraid to put yourself in a box just because Google tells you to. 

But for many bloggers, Google is literally their boss. Google is responsible for bringing in their ad income. So what choice do they really have? 

I guess it's time to find out. 

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