My Frugal, Minimalist Apartment Tour

Easter was a success, and bonus, our home is clean! So I thought this would be a great time to give you all a tour.

Is it totally minimalist? NOPE. We have hobbies and love art and keep things out we use on the regular.

Is it totally frugal? NOPE! We intentionally buy used where we can so we can save up for nicer replacements down the line.

What's important is that it's safe, welcoming and full of love! *cheesy but true* Without further ado...... 


To your right, the front door. To your left, the entryway closet. We want a welcome mat here but all of them get caught on our heavy door. We do have a mat outside, however.

Inside the entryway closet. Reusable grocery bags to the right. Above, a backpack filled with donations we need to drop off. 

Basket: Goodwill


To the left off the entryway is our living area.

Couch: free from my sister.
Coffee table: my friend Alison thrifted for us
Media console: Goodwill
Record crate: FIL thrifted for us
TV: a black friday special (can't win 'em all!)
To do: somehow control the wire clutter....


Another view of living area. That door leads to the den.

Patio chairs: Goodwill
Patio table: $10 Target clearance from 2016


Now we enter the office den!

Tapestry: our honeymoon present to ourselves from Asheville, NC
Desk: Another lovely thrifting find from Alison!
Closet: godawful mess of Warhammer paraphenalia & litter box #1


To do: glue the piece of board back on where that cork is exposed, replace that old, old chair


Exiting the den.. here's directly left of the entryway & to the left of the couch, our other "living" area where I mostly sprawl out and pet the cats. 

Bookshelf: Vintage from my mom
Cat tree & shelf: Catastrophic creations
Chair & Ottoman: Craigslist, baby!
Side table: FIL thrifted for us


The view into the kitchen from sitting on the chair. 


Our galley kitchen.  NO paper towels. Pink bag on oven is where you put dirty rags.


Lovely washer & dryer to your left with our fishy, HumHum.


Table & chairs: FIL thrifted for us. He's the best!!

The family calendar and whiteboard where I meal plan weekly are EVERYTHING


Hallway & pantry. To the right,  bedroom. To the left, bathroom. In the closet, litter box #2


Our bathroom and shower.

Bathroom scale: Goodwill.

Shower curtain: literally from Target, 2014. I've moved 4x with this thing and probably will keep it until it falls apart. So far, so good though. These things can be washed, so I see no need to replace just because it's old. 


Our bedroom.
Lamps: Target.
Linens: wedding presents.
Bench: ikea ~2014


The messy closet. I swear it's usually cleaner than this....

Dresser: mine from my childhood

Wine bottle: Decorative. It's Hall wines, how can we not keep??? 

So there you have it!