A Week in Rockville, Maryland on a DINK salary

Tuesday shenanigans were had with these lovely, blurry ladies.

Tuesday shenanigans were had with these lovely, blurry ladies.

This is different from the R29 Money Diaries I'm obsessed with reading, in that I won't be sharing what I make, our monthly living expenses or our debts because, I'm not anonymous here. 

Nonetheless, I thought it would be fun to share with you what I spent in an average week, Refinery29-style. So, without further ado...

Occupation: Content Marketing Specialist

Industry: Telecommunications

Age: 26

Location: Rockville, Maryland


8am: Woohoo, work from home day! I settle into my kitchen table and start knocking shit out. First order of business: Find myself a new doctor because I just switched to my husband's health insurance. 

12pm: Lunch time! Watch Dave Ramsey videos while I eat my pre-packaged Safeway salad and box soup. Press and marinade the tofu we'll have for dinner tonight. 

5pm: Finish work as a raging headache starts coming on. Uh oh. make a dinner of pan-fried tofu, roasted broccoli & onions, and tumeric couscous. Husband is quite dubious at first, then quickly turns around when he realizes how delicious the tofu is. Score! After dinner, take a bath and rest. 

8pm: Promptly fall asleep while husband stays up to play Madden. #OldLadyStatus

Daily Total: $0


9am: Wake up and make our usual Saturday morning pancakes and coffee. Today begins The Great Apartment Hunt of 2018. 

11am: Visit our first property, but the front desk is unable to give us a tour #fail. We decide to drive around the area anyway to check it out. 

11:30: Run some errands before our next appointment. Fill up the gas tank, then visit our dry cleaner to see if he can fix this bag I got at Nordstrom rack for $70 (he can't.) #doublefail. BUT he does fix my husband's winter coat zipper. Win!
Total: $40

12pm: Stop by Marshalls to return a bra. Pick up a new bag that hopefully won't break, a planter for our Christmas shrub, and a frame for a drawing I got from the Hopi in October on a trip

Total: $130

12:30: Grab lunch at Chik-fil-A. Line swoops around the toddler play area. Child runs in-between husband's legs nearly knocking him over. Remind ourselves to never, ever have children.

Total: $14

1pm: See the second possible property. we really like the complex, unfortunately though it doesn't have an in-unit washer/dryer. As resident laundress of the house, I give it a nix. We head home to lounge.

5pm: Watch The Secret as I do laundry. I have many thoughts, a blog post is a-brewing. Then I make us a dinner of sausage, peppers and couscous.

6pm: I get inspired to run to Trader Joes with a challenge: Spend $100 or less for the week. I stick to the staples...plus some dark chocolate orange slices, gruyere cheese crackers and Vitamin E oil... and manage to come in under budget! Bonus: shopping on a Saturday night is hardly crowded at all!

Total: $91.96

7pm: Get home, do yoga, take a bath, and start watching Blade Runner: 2049. Husband is patient as I make him pause to explain things appx. once every 5 minutes. Last an hour before needing to press pause. Will resume another day. 

Daily Total: $275.96


9am: Wake up with a raging sinus headache. My husband gets inspired to make Paula Deen's biscuits while I lay on the couch watching Property Brothers. Along with some homemade hot pepper jelly we got from the Outer Banks a year ago, THEY ARE DELISH!!

11:30: Drive to downtown Bethesda where I meet my former colleague/friend for a delicious lunch at an awesome Malaysian spot. I get the coconut rice with tofu and a Thai iced coffee, of course.

Total: $15

3pm: Return, do the neti-pot to try to fight this cold, and start chugging tea.

4pm: See a Craigslist rental property that is DEFINITELY a no-go. Shudder. 

5pm: Eat frozen pizza for dinner. Take some medicine and finally start to feel better.

6pm: Do some light yoga and take a brisk walk before coming home and settling back in to ALMOST finish Blade Runner 2049. Pause it with just under 40 min to go to head to bed.

10:30pm: A cat jumps on the bed to snap me out of my Instagram scrolling haze. Turn off the phone and pass out. 

Daily Total: $15


7:45am: Drag ourselves out of bed. I drive to work and realize I forgot to bring my banana for breakfast. Eat a pack of oatmeal my former cube-inhabitaor left me from more than a year ago and grab coffee #1 out of 3 from the break room.

9am: Chat with colleagues, get more coffee, and do some work proofreading and answering emails. 

12pm: Eat my packed soup & salad lunch while I read the news. Then pack up and leave to work the rest of the day from home. There's a winter weather storm coming and an email was sent encouraging us to leave early. Don't have to tell me twice! 

5:30pm: Finish my workday. Husband gets home and makes us loaded baked potatoes for dinner. Yay, carbs!

6pm: Remember I have my monthly eyebrow threading appointment. Beg my husband to drive me because I am feeling lazy and also, ice. He obliges. Catch up with my eyebrow savior, Rashmi. 
Total: $30, including tip

6:30pm: Get home, do some yoga, take a bath then hit the hay.

Daily total: $30


6:30am: Today is the one day a week I go over the bridge to work in NoVa. Wake up early and hit the road. 

8am: First one at the office. Pour myself coffee, eat my banana and knock out 2 deliverables. Then start tackling my never-ending inbox. Meetings commence. 

12:30pm: Grab 20 minutes to eat my salad & soup lunch before heading to my 1pm.

1 - 5pm: A blur of meetings/conversations/emails/projects/repeat

5:15pm: Head out to nearby mall to meet with my friends for some happy hour drinks! Usually this is when I would do my [solidcore] class... but girls before abs, am I right? 

5:30pm: Almost buy a $15 conditioner bar from Lush. Run away when my friend calls me saying she's arrived. Whew! 

6pm: Drink and be merry with my friends O. and Alison. Discuss the Oprah speech and our New Years Resolutions. 

Total: $25

8pm: Call my sister on the drive home. When I'm home, catch up with Nick and promptly pass out. 

Daily Total: $25


8am: Wake up, eat coffee + banana, play with the cats, and start working from home. 

9:15am: Leave to go to my Dr. appointment with my new PCP. Instant message colleagues and answer emails in the waiting room. Appointment goes well! Get all the referrals and refills that I needed. Pay co-pay which I will be reimbursed for in a few month's time. 

Total: $20.

11am: Back home and online. Scarf down soup & salad lunch, have a few meetings, then answer phone calls and emails.  See Ziggy on the floor cushion. Tuck him in with a scarf and shamelessly exploit on Snapchat.

4:15pm: Get offline early to go meet my husband at a new potential apartment. We REALLY REALLY WANT this one, you guys. Sending out positive vibes that one will be available just in time for us!

5pm: Come home, have another conference call, wrap up emails

6pm: Eat Raman and frozen veggie spring rolls for dinner while watching The Office. 

7-10pm: Take a bath, read, and have a fight with the husband. Hit the hay by 10. 

Daily Total: $20


8am: Wake up and rush out the door to the office. Today is our coworker's last day. Sadface.

10am: Do that fun thing where you prep for a big meeting, get on the conference call, only to realize there was a mix-up in scheduling between parties. Call gets rescheduled to tomorrow. Work on other stuff until lunch. 

12pm: Eat packed soup&salad lunch during a conference call. Today has been A DAY. Feeling very emotional, overwhelmed and angry. 

1pm: Sneak out of the office and do a lap around a nearby lake. Snapchat the ducks and feel more calm.

2-3:45pm: Werk, werk, werk, werk, werk, werk.

3:45 - 6pm: The team gives our coworker a goodbye champagne toast. Have a glass, eat a delicious fresh cake from a nearby bakery, then go to a local pub for drinks and heavy appetizers on the company's dime. Drink 2 more drinks there. Call the husband, who is at his own company's event, we both agree we're a little hungry. Stop by McDonalds on the way home.

Total: $11.00

7pm: Get home, eat  too much McDonalds, play with cats, and make up with my husband. Completely exhausted, I'm in bed right before 9. Sleep very deeply with Ziggy cuddled right over my head. #Blessed.

Daily total: $11.


6am: Remember I signed up for a 7am [solidcore] class. Head feels like crap from the drinks and mcdonalds last night. I let it get the best of me and hit the snooze. Hopefully I can sneak in a class this weekend instead. 

8am: Wake up for real. Feel guilty about missing the class. I usually workout 2x more in a week, but this week has been a doozy. Eat my banana & coffee, and get to work. 

8:30am: Worry about Lola, cat #1. She hasn't been eating as much lately since we got Ziggy, cat #2. And we have to keep them separate until she eats all of her food or else he will chow down. We're pretty sure she doesn't eat the food just so she can have some ziggy-free alone time with us. Worry anyway. 

9am: Payday! Go online and officially pay off my credit card!!!!!!!!!!! Our 2018 resolutions are to be Zero Debt and stay healthy. Now I can use my credit card money and "snowball" it into Nick's personal loan that is almost paid off as well. If we keep it up, we'll be 100% debt free (including student loans) by July. 
Total: $269.60

10am: Answer email, have a conference call, work on an outstanding project, repeat. 

12pm: Lunch time! Have a deadline for a guest post to CONTRVSL by COB today. Finish my draft and submit.

12-5: WERK

5pm: Log off and start dinner. I'm making chickpea falafel pitas! 

6pm: Husband gets home, we eat while watching The Office. We're re-watching the series and it's SO much funnier now that I've had a job in corporate America! 

6:30pm: Take a nice walk with Nick. I am dying for some exercise and it feels really good. I feel less guilty for not doing my [solidcore] now. 

7pm: Take a bath and continue to read The Power, a Christmas gift from my MIL. I'm obsessed! 

8pm: Finally, finally finish Blade Runner 2049! 

10pm: Realize I forgot to serve the feta cheese with dinner. Sigh. Hit the hay!

Daily total: $269.60

Weekly Total $$ Spent: $646.56


Food: $116.96
Bills: $269.60
Gas: $30
Entertainment/Friends: $40
Beauty: $30
Medical: $20
Clothes: $110
Home goods: $30

*Not included: Nick's daily metro commute $. That's pre-tax added into his card from his company.