The Impossibility of Authenticity

Elaine Benes meme: Fake, fake, fake. #OM101 Offended Millennial

Rule #2 of being famous on the internet: Be Authentic. (See rule #1 here.)

But is true authenticity even POSSIBLE in this online world, where every move you make and word you type is tracked, recorded, and judged accordingly?

Everyone has opinions, jokes and beliefs they freely express IRL, that they'd NEVER say online. (except Donald Trump, of course.) Because they don't want it on record. They don't want it to affect their hire-ability. They, rightfully so, have trust issues with technology.

So what's the right balance between sharenting and hermitage? I'm not sure anyone knows, at least not yet.

My goal, both on and offline, is to be as authentic as possible to help support positive social change, without negatively impacting my privacy or safety. (While also shamelessly exploiting my cats.)

What's yours?